Arcadia. Reptile 55w UV Flood

Arcadia. Reptile 55w UV Flood

Brand: Arcadia
Product Code: LDC00019
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The Arcadia Reptile 55w D3+UVFLOOD is a brand new, powerful, ready to use fitting that uses cutting edge High Output T5 technology to provide high quantities of light, rich in UVB into reptile enclosures. The fitting is IP67 waterproof and flicker free. The special 'Flood' reflector harnesses the full power of the lamp and directs this light downwards as a flood where it is needed most. The 55watt D3+ UVFLOOD is easy to fit into a standard vivarium with the addition of just two appropriate screws or it can be safely rested onto of a screen mesh. The single cable can also be unplugged from the fitting to aid with ease of fitting. The Arcadia Reptile 55w D3+ UVFLOOD also benefits from having a separate power switch onto of the controller box which allows the unit to be easily switched on and off.

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