Tortoise Table.110cm x 60cm.Oak.Flat Packed

Tortoise Table.110cm x 60cm.Oak.Flat Packed

Brand: Euro Rep
Product Code: VI000600
Availability: In Stock
Inc VAT: £65.28
Ex VAT: £54.40
The Tortoise Table is made from melamine oak effect materials. It has a night retreat at one side to which we would recommend the attachment of a Habistat Heat Mat for background night heat. This may not be necessary if the ambient temperature of your house is sufficient. The table can be illuminated by use of a clamp lamp holder with a UV/Heat Bulb thus creating a basking area for your tortoise. Please ensure the safe minimum distance for your animal from the UV source and observe the ratings of the holder as per the manufaucturer's instructions. Please note: The stand is sold seperately

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