Vision Rack.Boa. 6 High.Inc tubs & heating **CLEARANCE**

Vision Rack.Boa. 6 High.Inc tubs & heating **CLEARANCE**

Brand: Vision
Product Code: VR000009
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Inc VAT: £971.04
Ex VAT: £809.20
6 boxes 40" long x 30" wide x 9.5" tall Overall rack dimensions approximately 77" (1960mm) high x 34.5" (880mm) wide x 21" (540mm) deep. Vision racks are flat packed for ease of storage and delivery. Quickly assembled with only a 9/16 th inch spanner. Supplied with all boxes and heating cable. 6 robust castor wheels, with 2 of the wheels lockable also included. You just need to assemble and add Habistat pulse proportional thermostat. The only tool you need to put the rack together or add levels is a 9/16 th inch wrench. Everything else just slides together for a perfect fit. No other rack system can be turned 90 degrees to utilize sweater boxes and smaller boxes Heating No other system can be custom heated differently on every level if necessary. Heat cable can be manually press fit into any of the preformed grooves to allow as much or as little heat as necessary. You can heat each level the same or heat the bottom levels with more cable and the top levels with less cable.


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