Exo Terra. Habisphere

Exo Terra. Habisphere

Brand: Exo Terra
Product Code: ET03835
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Exo Terra Habisphere is a compact and aesthetically pleasing glass terrarium designed for desktops or countertops. Habisphere features a curved front window that allows an enhanced view of the terrarium setup and its inhabitants. The unit has an integrated, energy-efficient Day and Night light that's controlled by a simple touch button. It also has a top lid for easy access to your pet and a removable back panel for convenient maintenance. Habisphere comes with a stunning natural photographic background, but if you prefer, you can also install a customized background from your own photo collection or download one from www.exo-terra.com. Key Features :47x32x30cms Stylish and compact design Contemporary centrepiece for homes or offices Unique curved front window provides an exceptional viewing experience Easy to install and maintain Energy-efficient Day and Night LED lighting Ideal for smaller ground-dwelling animals such as geckos, frogs, invertebrates and snakes.

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