HabiStat. Pulse Day/Night.Built in Night Eye Classic Black

HabiStat. Pulse Day/Night.Built in Night Eye Classic Black

Brand: Habistat
Product Code: T000004D
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Inc VAT: £53.89
Ex VAT: £44.91
The brand new Day/ Night Pulse thermostat with a built in night eye on a 1.5 metre long sensor lead. An alternative temperature during the night of between 3°c and 12c lower than the day time temperature is available if required. The thermostat is equipped with a Night time temperature drop facility. This will enable regular temperature changes, like those that occur at night for example, to take place. The different temperatures between day time and night time are adjusted on the two dials on the front of the thermostat. The trigger between day and night is a 4th probe, called the "Night sensor" with a sensor on the end that detects light and dark and adjusts the temperature accordingly. There are three indicator light to show what mode the thermostat is in. Yellow. Indicates that the night time temperature is in operation. When off, this indicates that the day temperature setting is in operation. Red. Indicates that power is being provided to the heater. Green. Indicates the unit has power

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