Arcadia.22w Jungle Dawn Holder

Arcadia.22w Jungle Dawn Holder

Brand: Arcadia
Product Code: LDL00021
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This fitting allows a keeper to fit the 22w Jungle dawn easily into the roof of a large and live planted vivarium with just 2 screws. It is perfect for Bio-Active systems for; chameleons, water dragons and most other arboreal species of reptile and amphibian. All that is needed is the addition of two wood screws to fit the system into a viv. One of the features of Jungle Dawn is its ability to rotate and be focussed upon an area. This is still a function when using this fitting. We have also for a long while seen a use for Jungle Dawn in more arid, terrestrial systems. We have all known for a long time that reptiles are not just effected by heat and UVB in terms of lighting but can be positively affected by 'quantity' of light. The results of higher light levels for arid species are the usual; higher colouration and greater levels of activity and of course a more attractive enclosure. It will also help greatly with growing the more arid species of plant in arid Bio-Active systems.

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