HabiStat High Power Mat UK Adhesive 23"x11" 590mmx280mm 60W

HabiStat High Power Mat UK Adhesive 23"x11" 590mmx280mm 60W

Brand: Habistat
Product Code: H200005
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In some applications, the heat output from a normal heat mat is just not enough to raise the temperature enough and this is where high power heat mats are required. Unlike standard mats the High Power range has significantly more energy to enable them to be used in a different manner. Under no circumstances should they be used, in the traditional way, underneath or on the floor of the vivarium. They get too hot and will cause harm to your animals. They can be used as general heaters either overhead or attached to the side or back of the vivarium. They are provided with a sticky back that can be used if required to attach them. They must be controlled with an appropriate HabiStat Thermostat. Proportional or Dimming control is recommended as this will provide a gentle heat for the animal to find and utilise all the time, rather than providing a hot and cold cycle that simpler on/ off devices. Some animals will still require a higher localised heat source to meet their needs.

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