Medivet Repton 100g

Medivet Repton 100g

Brand: Medivet
Product Code: MV000003
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Medivet. Repton. 100g Repton is an insect dusting powder, designed to correct the poor nutritional value of some feeder insects. Repton is a high quality, broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid insect dusting supplement. The ultra fine high quality formulation of Repton results in superb and even adhesion to food items, making Repton easy to apply with minimal waste and, importantly, ensures that a full range of supplement is available on dusted insects. Features: Insect dusting supplement for reptiles and amphibians Ultra wide spectrum with 46 balanced nutrients A specific balance of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients Ultra fine formulation ensures excellent adhesion to insects Uniform adhesion of all the contents of the supplement

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