HabiStat.Medivet.Jelly Pots. Honey. Tub of 60

HabiStat.Medivet.Jelly Pots. Honey. Tub of 60

Brand: Medivet
Product Code: MV000083
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Ex VAT: £31.20
Jelly pots are an ideal and convenient way of getting essential hydration into feeder insects. These fruit flavoured pots can be given to crickets, locusts, mealworms and pretty well any feeder insects. They are also useful to feed to various other invertebrates and an easy way to feed nectar feeding beetles and insects. Many other nectar and fruit feeding lizards will also love them! Please do note that these jelly pots are not a substitute for dusting and gut loading insects prior to feeding. Despite many claims they are lacking in most vitamins and minerals essential for the well being of your animals!

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