HabiStat Grabber Tongs. Aluminium. Vertical. Folding. 132cm

HabiStat Grabber Tongs. Aluminium. Vertical. Folding. 132cm

Brand: Habistat
Product Code: M000083
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Inc VAT: £41.69
Ex VAT: £34.74
All aluminium contruction with cast handles and jaws, these tongs are built to last. Stainless steel cable and soldered nipples ensure reliability. This unit folds into half for ease of carrying. Tongs are a usefull addition to any handling equipment. Sprung loaded, with a handle at one end and a vertical pair of jaws at the other, they can be used for restraining agressive or venomous animals or simply removing water dishes from cages. Caution must be exercised when restraining animals with tongs. Be careful not to grip too tight and cause harm to the animal. Foam added to the jaws of the tongs is a usefull way of cushioning the grip on the animal and protecting its welfare.

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