Bean Weavils (Bruchinae)

Bean Weavils (Bruchinae)

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A small beetle easily cultured for all kinds of small reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Culturing information. Put a 5cm layer of black eyed beans (easily obtainable from most supermarkets) in a well ventilated container. Add some pieces of egg box for the newly emerged beetles to climb on. Also useful when wanting to transfer some beetles to another container or for feeding. A small cotton wool filled water bowl. Saturate the cotton wool with sugar sweetened water. This will provide the non feeding beetles with some energy. Add your culture. The culture will be capable of infecting six times as many beans as there is in the culture. Maintain the culture in a warm place. At 25°C new beetles can be expected in approximately one month. Cooler or warmer will slow or speed the process but below 20°C or above 30°C may reduce or even kill all the new generation. Start new cultures weekly.

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