HabiStat. Crested Gecko Diet.Mango & Cricket.60g

HabiStat. Crested Gecko Diet.Mango & Cricket.60g

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Brand New Crested Gecko Diet. No artificial colourings, flavourings, added preservatives or fillers.10 Key protein sources. 50% animal protein source. 50% Vegetable protein source. An average of 11,000 crickets are processed to produce 1 kg of dry protein. That's nearly 100 Adult crickets in each 60g pot. For all Fruit and insect eating reptiles, including Rhacodactylus, Phelsuma, many other Geckos, Anolis, Lacertids, Skinks and Iguanids. Many reptiles are opportunistic feeders and eat both animal and fruit and vegetable matter. Often captive reptiles are exposed to a very restrictive diet. Composition. Key components: Mango, Spirulina, Honey, Crickets produced in the UK, Bee Pollen, Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein Isolate, Egg White, Spinach, Fish Oil, Salmon Oil, Soy Protein, Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), Yeast, Medivet Reptavite mineral and vitamin mix, Turmeric, Paprika, Cardamom, MALTODEXTRIN, Marigold flower, Chamomile flower, Pectin, Natural flavouring.Why not try this and see if they like it

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