Exo Terra Snake Cave Large

Exo Terra Snake Cave Large

Brand: Exo Terra
Product Code: ET02847
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250 x 190 x 120mm Moss included Ideal for snakes and lizards Natural look, integrates with desert and tropical terrariums Easy to clean Provides a secure hiding place Prevents stress Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles Perfect nesting site for various species of snakes and lizards A proper hiding area is an essential feature of the natural terrarium. Without a safe hideout and resting area reptiles and amphibians can easily develop stress that may affect their activity and appetite. Hideouts also provide shelter and a cool, moist space in the terrarium. In nature, reptiles often use mammal burrows or natural caves or cracks. Includes natural moss which can be moistened to create a moist hideout or nesting box.

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