Zoo Med Bug Napper (Automatic live bug catcher)

Zoo Med Bug Napper (Automatic live bug catcher)

Brand: Zoo Med
Product Code: ZM09BN1E
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Inc VAT: £52.06
Ex VAT: £43.38
Bug Napper.Catch FREE natural live food for your pet herps! The Bug Napper catches flying insect like moths, beetles, gnats, flies, etc. Feed fresh bugs to lizards (including geckos, chameleons) tree frogs, toads, sugar gliders, softbills, tarantulas, etc. Also great for catching insect specimens for school science projects or bug hobby collections. Adjustable bug collection cup to catch different size bugs. Easy to empty no touch collection cup means you don’t have to handle bugs! Attracts bugs with a special long-lasting energy-efficient compact fluorescent bug lamp.

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