Zoo Med Arboreal Lagoon. Large

Zoo Med Arboreal Lagoon. Large

Brand: Zoo Med
Product Code: ZM11AL15
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Inc VAT: £9.48
Ex VAT: £7.90
Arboreal Lagoon. A mesh netting "hammock" with a built-in water bowl (removable) that attaches to the upper corner of your terrarium. Utilizes wasted sides of terrarium - adds more climbing space! Helps prevent drowning of live food items. Hygienic! Keeps food and water off the cage floor and substrate where bacterial buildup can occur. Helps create much needed humidity for the proper care of all tropical reptiles and amphibians. Prevents dehydration and helps reduce stress in young reptiles (including baby iguanas).Eliminates stress in reptiles that would not normally feed on the ground in the wild

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