Exo Terra. Cascade H.P. Pump & Filter

Exo Terra. Cascade H.P. Pump & Filter

Brand: Exo Terra
Product Code: ET03590
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Inc VAT: £29.03
Ex VAT: £24.19
The Exo Terra Cascade is a high performance submersible pump with filter, specifically designed to create waterfalls or cascading streams up to a maximum height of 70" (180cm). It enables you to implement your own creative ideas and designs in the construction of a waterfall or water course in your terrarium. The extreme pump height of 70" or 180cm allows you to create a large single step waterfall flowing from the top of your terrarium in to a water reservoir below, or a multiple step cascade resembling a series of mini waterfalls that descend in to a meandering stream at the bottom of the terrarium. .

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