Medivet Vetasept Surgical Scrub

Medivet Vetasept Surgical Scrub

Brand: Medivet
Product Code: MV000011
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Medivet.Vetasept.Surgical Scrub No compromise, medical quality, rapid acting bactericidal solution for hand disinfecting and routine cleansing. When handling any animals hygiene should be of paramount importance. Hands should always be disinfected. Surgical Scrub is exactly as its name implies and is used in surgeries everywhere. Whilst this product may appear expensive, it is the best available product and your safety should not be compromised. Surgical Scrub can also be used for routine surface cleansing. Use with the convenient pump dispenser and keep it near your animals. Simply wet hands and apply approximately 5ml (one pump) of undiluted Surgical Scrub. Clean hands and fingernails thoroughly and rinse. Apply a further 5ml and wash for up to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry. For routine surface cleansing, wet surfaces and apply sufficient Surgical Scrub. Wash for 1 minute, rinse thoroughly and dry.

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