HabiStat.Antiseptic Hand Soap. Pump Bottle 500ml

HabiStat.Antiseptic Hand Soap. Pump Bottle 500ml

Brand: Habistat
Product Code: MV001041
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Antiseptic Handsoap A HOSPITAL GRADE LIQUID HANDSOAP Composition: Dual biocide blend of chlorinated cresols and 2 Phenoxyethanol in a base of mild detergents, aromatic oils and emollients. Safe to use; Non-corrosive, Non-irritant Versatile: Use directly onto skin, cuts and grazes Product combines powerful residual activity bactericides with safe action Formulated with emoillents for frequent use. Particularly effective against dermatophytic bacteria and fungi. Directions for use: Apply liberally and rub into hands. Rinse and dry. Precautions. Keep out of reach of children Do not mix with other cleaners Avoid contact with eyes. If ingested seek the advise of a Doctor. Avoid release into the environment ANTIMICROBIAL EFFICACY Passes European (BS EN1276) Passes European (BS EN1499) Passes BS6471 test at a dilution of 1:700

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