Snakes of Zambia. Broadley/Doria/Wigge. Chimaira

Snakes of Zambia. Broadley/Doria/Wigge. Chimaira

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BROADLEY, Donald G. / DORIA, Craig & Jürgen WIGGE: S n a k e s o f Z a m b i a [ Frankfort Contributions to Herpetology, Vol. 18 ] Frankfort 2003 Hardcover, 280 pp.., 57 drawings, 130 colour ills., 2 B&W ills. 1 map. ISBN 3-930612-42-9 This book offers a broad range of useful information: Donald Broadly is certainly THE expert in East African herpetology; thanks to his experience as a ranger, Craig Doria disposes of well-founded knowledge of the natural history of the animals in question, and Jürgen Wigge has treated victims of snake-bite as a physician in Zambia for a long period.

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