Lizards Rare & Common RD150 **OUT OF PRINT**

Lizards Rare & Common RD150 **OUT OF PRINT**

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Lizards Rare and Common Author:Tom Mazorlig ISBN:0-7938-3063-X Hard back 64 pages Iguanas, chameleons, geckos - these and many other types of lizard are to be found in any pet shop, and they all make good pets for the right keepers.Some are more difficult to keep than others; some are available only wild-caught, others only as colour selected captive-bred specimens. Some lizards feed on a variety of foods, while others need special diets and supplements. Lizards Rare and Common, written by an experienced keeper and breeder of a variety of popular species, is a great introduction to the lizards for both the hobbyist just deciding what type of pet to try for the first time and the more advanced keeper thinking of extending a collection. It carefully covers the pros and cons of all the major groups of pet lizards.Even the how-to's of breeding are covered in essential details. Illustrated with dozens of colour photos, this is a fine overview of lizards for anyone from beginner to advanced hobbyist.

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