Lizards.All about.PS316 **OUT OF PRINT**

Lizards.All about.PS316 **OUT OF PRINT**

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Robert Sprackland ISBN 876666747 Hard Cover 128 Pages ALL ABOUT LIZARDS is a very valuable guidebook for anyone who owns or plans to own a lizard of any kind. Written clearly and simply and illustrated with more than -50 full-color photos in addition to its many fine monochromes, this book serves as a wide-ranging identification guide as well as a highly interesting and useful handbook on the selection and care of pet lizards. Its enlightening accounts of natural history and maintenance in captivity cover fourteen different families-from the iguanids, geckos, chameleons and skinks right through the worm lizards and glass lizards and venomous lizards and giant monitors. Fascinating reading highlighted with beautiful photos, ALL ABOUT LIZARDS is for both beginners and experts.

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