Geckos. Keep and Breed.   TS166

Geckos. Keep and Breed. TS166

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Hermann Seufer ISBN 866222189 Jun-91 Hard Cover 192 Pages Geckos have a justifiable claim to the title of Most Unusual Lizards. Not only are they gorgeous colors, personable, and often easy to maintain in captivity, but they breed well, eat cockroaches, and even bark during the night! With the recent increase in availability of captive-bred geckos of many species, geckos have become a major force in the terrarium hobby and are still gaining strength, as more and more colorful species become known to hobbyists. Because they are such new pets, there is little information on gecko husbandry available for the average hobbyist. Keeping and Breeding Geckos is the first modem coverage of the principal species of the group that are being kept and bred today. The species are discussed extensively, with emphasis on successfully breeding each species and rearing the young. Although small, geckos can be long-lived, successful, and very productive pets for the terrarium hobbyist.

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