Reptiles/Amph. Keeping. TS182 **OUT OF PRINT**

Reptiles/Amph. Keeping. TS182 **OUT OF PRINT**

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Johann Krottlinger ISBN 866225161 Hard Cover 192 Pages The need for herpetological books with clear, concise, contemporary information is growing at the same speed as the hobby itself. And Johann Krottlinger's Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians is truly such a book. Bursting with over 175 color photos and a generous amount of authoritative text, it also provides the reader with a taste of the unique “European” perspective of today's modern herp hobby. Written in a smooth, uncomplicated style, this practical reptile and amphibian guide is a must for both amateurs and professionals alike, to be turned to time and time again as a reliable identification manual, practical reference point, or just an enjoyable source of casual reading.

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