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Penfold’s reptiles is the end project of myself (Terry Matthews) and my better half needing an outlet for the cb reptiles and amphibians we breed at home.

 I started having an interest in reptiles and amphibians over 30 years ago ,in my dad’s tropical fish shop called the fish house ,but realistically all I could keep then was Fire belly newts , Xenopus toads, Terrapins  and dwarf Congo frogs and the usual subjects caught in the fields around my home town of Herne bay

At sixteen I got a 50cc moped which I used to ride twenty odd miles to Norton ash garden centre and home again in all weather. They had an amazing array of geckos, iguanas, tortoises, pythons and boas everything I used to dream about whilst flicking through books, that was my Friday mornings riding there and back to collect my livefood and whatever new beasty my measly YTS wages would let me afford

After a few years as a chef I gave that up and got a job in my local reptile shop and as my knowledge grew became assistant manager mainly in charge of the livestock but as time went on and we bred more and more ourselves I out grew the shop with different  views and beliefs

I got together with my wonderful  Mrs (Sarah) and we were breeding more and more pythons, boas , chameleons, geckos and frogs ,we were selling at all the UK and European reptile shows and building a very good reputation ,we then had our amazing son Fred (who still says his favourite animal is a crocodile)

We then opened PENFOLDS REPTILES on July 1st 2011 our aim was to provide the biggest range of high quality animals and equipment and thankfully I think we have achieved this as our shop has constantly grown since we opened

So to the future; We have done this website to offer the products we sell to a larger audience ! Fingers crossed you guys like it.

So let’s see what the future holds hopefully we can keep expanding our hobby and maybe one day have a big enough shop so that Fred can have his crocodile J

            TERRY MATTHEWS


Penfold's Reptiles
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